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Now we’re both trapped, and you’ve got a silly hat and I have no trousers
looking for housemates, sydney’s inner-west


as a recent house visit brought home (lol), the internet is a small place and sydney is even smaller.

i figure that means it’s worth a shot: we have suddenly two spare rooms in this cute house i’m living in. one is smallish, $135 a week, the other is large, suitable for a couple, $200 a week, not including bills. 1.5 bathrooms, huge backyard, heaps decent kitchen, loads of parking.


we’re 15 minutes walk from a mainline train station, 2 minutes from a bus that’ll get you to central, and again, inner-west - it’s pretty convenient to get most places.

there are presently 3 people living here: a social worker, a unionist and a teacher, plus mid-sized dog (she’s a pretty great dog) and small lizard (also great). we’re leftie nerds, mostly vegetarian but not pushy about it. way more pushy about being leftie nerds, tbh.

if you’re interested, message me yr email addy/any questions and i’ll send you some more deets. if you’re not interested, i’d appreciate a reblog. thanks!


(via Beyond Sochi: Photos Of Russia By Russians)

The gap between how foreigners view Russia and how Russians view themselves is wide and as old as the country itself.

Russian photographer Valeriy Klamm felt that foreign photojournalists who came to work in his country arrive with the pictures they want to send back home already in their head: Bleak images of a cold and desolate place where autocrats lord over drunks.

"They already know how to take pictures of Russia, and that’s how they arrive," Klamm said. "It’s always a wild country that’s in some kind of difficult transition period."

Klamm, himself, had never photographed much outside of his home city of Novosibirsk, where nearly 2 million people live on the banks of the Ob River in the middle of Siberia. 

But in 2000, he started to visit these small towns, camera in hand. And in 2009, Klamm started “Birthmarks on the Map,” a collective photo project and website that collects these images in one place. He began to ask his photographer friends, both foreign and local, to share images of simple life in the rural Russian villages and small towns that dot the vast expanse from Europe to the Pacific Ocean. More than 60 photographers, both award-winning professionals and hobbyists, have contributed. 

Klamm wanted to fill his site with images of real Russia life, and the result is something closer to ethnography or anthropology than journalism. Klamm actually works with ethnographers who study these small communities to find untold stories.

"Life in the middle of nowhere has always been difficult," he said. "But I see dignity in the difficulties of these people on the outskirts of our geography. Their patience and simple wisdom gives strength and hope. And this stuff is always necessary to mankind."





cat meows underwater. i don’t think you understand how much i’m crying right now.



Yeah but can we talk for a second about how the cat’s name is McLovin


Beautifully Repeating Skeletal Sculptures by Monika Horčicová

Czech artist Monika Horčicová creates sculptures using the repeating forms of the human skeleton. Far from being creepy, her works are beautifully complex studies of a familiar form, revealed through the use of unusual orientations and numbers.

Her “Wheel of Life” is a perfect example. Here we see 58 repeating legs and feet arrayed in a wheel-like form; the knees remaining straight until they reach the ground in what looks like a never-ending series of forward steps. At the center, or hub of the sculpture, is a fused series of hip bones forming a perfect fan.

"far from being creepy"




please consider: rihanna as crowley and lupita as aziraphale 


this brought to you by the committee for the healthy perpetuation of good omens fancasts that don’t involve a) benedict cumberbatch and martin freeman, b) benedict cumberbatch and matt smith, c) martin freeman and matt smith, or d) all the above + arthur darvill 


JFC they’re even perfectly dressed for it. 

perfect perfect perfect. Beyonce for War, Rinko Kikuchi for Newt Pulsifer, Sophie Turner for Anathema. Dylan Moran for Shadwell and Eddie Izzard for Madam Tracy.

Richard Ayoade as the postman.



guess what! I finally got that cold that kept looming over my shoulder and then thinking better of it and fucking off this winter! now my nose is like “mucus? gtfoooooooo” and my throat is like “uh, can you like, not?” and my ears are like “STOP TOUCHING ME, THROAT, THAT TICKLES, OMG” and my entire head is like “whee, I’m a balloon!”


the most amazing thing about that article about viking warriors being half female is it’s literally a bunch of people just being like “hmm idk maybe we should do some kind of physical testing instead of projecting misogynistic societal standards onto a long-dead society????”



"War Paint Sally"Jenny Liz Rome2014
I thought I asked you to make this idiot-proof. Somehow, I manage to keep breaking it.


overhearing a conversation between strangers in which they’re saying something completely wrong and you really feel like correcting them